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Please sign our guestbook! Every 1000th robot to sign wins an oil change and chassis buffing, from the lovely 9P-KZT herself!

Name: CryCry
Date: Jun 12, 3019
Comments: Only the positive square root works :/

Name: BryBry
Date: Feb 8, 3012
Comments: Amazing!!

Name: Bender Bending Rodriguez
Date: Feb 5, 3011
Comments: Bending Unit & frequent visitor. Great site! Miss Ampere frovides some amazing pinups! Keep em coming!

Name: p.h.l.a.n.z.e.
Date: Oct 21, 3010
Comments: very funny, very funny! :) i like your site! also where's the crushinator?

Name: louise
Date: Aug 27, 3009
Comments: wonderful site, cheered me up! thank you

Name: Lin
Date: Aug 6, 3009
Comments: The naughtiest robot site I've ever seen.

Name: DB
Date: Nov 14, 3008
Comments: funny... thanks!

Name: Seb
Date: May 4, 3008
Comments: some naughty girls you have here!

Name: Futurama Owns
Date: Dec 12, 3007
Comments: Haha this site is hilarious!

Name: 010100010110011010001
Date: Sep 22, 3007
Comments: You burn in hell for this web.

Name: Kristjana
Date: Jun 22, 3006
Comments: I want to start off by thanking you for a fantastic website, its information is a great resource for people in my business.

Name: suberman
Date: May 23, 3006
Comments: hey she isn't even wearing a face plate!

Name: nogard0
Date: Apr 21, 3006
Comments: when did models start getting made without vocabulators and/or speakers and/or mikears? why dont any later models have atomic fission/fusion power supplies? has anyone seen an female xr-1(sp?), a model with a blackhole quadsistor (superior gigo and paradox protection), a femdevilbot, or a timebot? how about a centerfold of one of the ancient computers, monitors, spacecraft - something for the original (read OLD) bots (like my great great granbot) to look at!!! ... all of this gets my magma and ditronium going. sssssssssss

Name: sean500
Date: Apr 20, 3006
Comments: sooooooo hot....thank you for finding my perfect match. FINALLY internet dating pays off!

Name: Diana
Date: Mar 29, 3006
Comments: Great site! Nice work! I love you!

Name: Tony
Date: Nov 30, 3005
Comments: Good stuff dude, thanks!

Name: chris
Date: Nov 10, 3005
Comments: this site is so hot! :-) no kidding, nice work. the site-layout could be a little more sexy-ish (that word sounds branniganish) but overall it's a great site, great idea!

Name: J-T1GR
Date: Nov 9, 3005
Comments: Some more diodes would be nice!

Name: C
Date: Oct 27, 3005
Comments: I feel better now.

Name: Kolora
Date: Sep 6, 3005
Comments: I have been recomending the site to some of the people I have met through work

Name: Will
Date: Sep 6, 3005
Comments: brilliant p.s go to http://www.bringbackfuturama.com/ and help Bring Back Futurama!7309 people have already put their names down,so go along and help BBF!BBF!BBF!

Name: Weasel_in_da_house
Date: Aug 30, 3005
Comments: Great site!! MC0-6B0 is my favourite, bender and her would be a good match!

Name: Rosty
Date: Aug 29, 3005
Comments: Awesome site

Name: Vaughan Walton
Date: Aug 16, 3005
Comments: Mindless repeative tasks really turn me on baby! ;)

Name: Model Citizen
Date: Jul 14, 3005
Comments: Is'nt YU-P25 missing a diode by the switchover point? Either way she's a naughty girl!

Name: Larry Barnard
Date: May 11, 3005
Comments: Pretty Good!!

Name: zaphod
Date: Apr 23, 3005
Comments: Brilliant idea!! Needs a little motherboard on daughterboard action.

Name: Brian Black
Date: Apr 9, 3005

Name: princessy
Date: Mar 21, 3005
Comments: its really great! i'd like to be a robowoman

Name: Ozroc
Date: Mar 17, 3005
Comments: Ohhh... this turns me so horny.... I wanna kiss your shiny ass!!!

Name: SLim
Date: Dec 29, 3004

Name: tim madeley
Date: Dec 15, 3004
Comments: this is very benderish site

Date: Dec 8, 3004
Comments: you ready created an original

Name: L567-0065
Date: Nov 21, 3004

Name: "Dr. J.Z."
Date: Sep 4, 3004
Comments: All I see is robuts, robuts, robuts! What happened to all the sardine-on-mackerel action? Woopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoop woop woop woop woop woop... Oh, I'm sooooo hungry...

Name: Kai
Date: Aug 24, 3004
Comments: Pretty pointless, but funny

Name: Consumit
Date: Aug 16, 3004
Comments: esteu pillats, vaya puntassu. Cool stuff.

Name: GL-18A
Date: Aug 3, 3004
Comments: Just wondering, are the transistors on DK-E3V real?

Name: Fry
Date: Jun 26, 3004
Comments: none

Name: GlaTzee
Date: Jun 25, 3004
Comments: That's soooooo sweet!

Name: www.leevclarke.net
Date: Jun 23, 3004
Comments: Wow, I wouldn't have believed it unless I'd seen it myself! Not my kind of thing, but my PlayStation went crazy over it - he's banging the hell out of my Domestibot right now. You have a niche in the porn market here, so the best of luck with making the most of it. ;-)

Date: Jun 11, 3004
Comments: This is one strange site.

Name: cocowoman
Date: Apr 18, 3004
Comments: nice

Name: TNUK
Date: Apr 3, 3004
Comments: Sorry, I was onyl looking at the guestbook earlier. When I saw the main site, I practically wet myself. Good shit!

Name: TNUK
Date: Apr 3, 3004
Comments: Disappointing so far.

Name: Katie.J
Date: Jan 7, 3004
Comments: "I've got fame, fortune, and access to the depths of sleaze that those things bring.." That's some hot stuff. :-)

Name: SloppyJoe
Date: Oct 6, 3003
Comments: nice site d00d youve got some interesting and hilarious ideas, keep it up and lets see some more futurama spinoff pages

Name: Ron Jeremeep
Date: Sep 8, 3003
Comments: I think I need a refill from Mom's robot oil! I mean did ya get a gander at them capacitors? them were about 450 Volt short burst capactors!!!! I mean I know that they are fake (man made) and all but still. And did you see the resistors on that lady??? whooooooooooooWeeeeeee Alll Volts Pluss Amprege for me baby!!!!!!!

Name: haha!
Date: Aug 5, 3003
Comments: funny!

Name: Dave
Date: Jul 31, 3003
Comments: keep on going

Name: sam
Date: Jun 18, 3003
Comments: nice circuits

Name: someguy
Date: May 1, 3003
Comments: hey COOL!! sad only a few sites link to this

Name: jo johnson
Date: Apr 12, 3003

Name: JC
Date: Mar 26, 3003
Comments: what does pnp stand for?

Name: DjU
Date: Mar 17, 3003
Comments: 01110110 01100101 01110010 01111001 00100000 011101110 110100101 110010011 001010110 010000100 000011000 100111010 101110100 001000000 111011001 100101011 100100111 100100100 000011011 110111001 001101001 011001110 110100101 101110011 000010110 1100 it helps if you can read binary ;)

Name: Iliya
Date: Mar 7, 3003
Comments: Cool site!

Name: Oni Zyxer
Date: Mar 1, 3003
Comments: VERY clever.

Name: sarah rydzewski
Date: Feb 13, 3003
Comments: butt

Name: butch
Date: Jan 23, 3003

Name: Garble
Date: Dec 18, 3002
Comments: Weird!

Name: Daniel
Date: Dec 12, 3002
Comments: That is one of THE most original futurama-based comedy site I have ever seen... and I've seen only one before it :P .It's a really good one, keep up the good work, I also think you should open a gay section (I'm a Bi-robo-sexual if you don't mind) ...gets boring after 2 mins, but it's 2 mins of fun :)

Name: Unca Dave
Date: Sep 18, 3002
Comments: Man, did you get a gander at them Darlingtons? Wow! PNP *and* NPN! Guess she swings both ways! Hope you'll stop by my website at http://turanga-pages.com/ for the meatbag version.

Name: Just some human...
Date: Aug 7, 3002
Comments: This is great! Just what a robosexual like me have been waiting for!

Name: [-mArc-]
Date: Aug 4, 3002
Comments: Hehe, great site for us naughty folks. Send me a 88x31 button to my email thingy and I will add you to our links page (please only conceiled porn on the button) mArc - Can't get enough Futurama

Name: bfrt
Date: Jun 28, 3002

Name: 5559
Date: Feb 1, 3002

Name: jon
Date: Jan 13, 3002
Comments: yeh! but i wanna see more L1-03As!

Name: massivehoward
Date: Dec 26, 3001
Comments: I want some real robot pornography, damn it

Name: R2-D2
Date: Dec 14, 3001
Comments: 01001000 00100101 01011101 1100100 11011001 11100110 11001110 00111110 0111111 01111010 01111011 11101101 00010011 1100010 11110010 01111001 00111101 11100001 1010101 01100100 !

Name: John
Date: Nov 5, 3001

Name: Barry Gleeson
Date: Jun 14, 3001
Comments: None

Name: SugaBot
Date: May 10, 3001
Comments: I want to know if i can hook a oscilloscope up to one of the sluts? I have some volts to feed them with too. //SugaBot

Name: Ray
Date: Mar 11, 3000
Comments: I like it!

Name: BJ
Date: Mar 11, 3000
Comments: I'm really sorry to say this, but your site sux ass! You could make it a hell of a lot better if you tried, no one cares about robot porno! NO ONE! Better luck for the future!

Name: terminator
Date: Jan 21, 3000
Comments: great site... nice bots you've got in there... but I really can't get excited by it...ever thaugt about opening a gay section for all those gay bots (like me) out there...

Name: Jack Clements
Date: Jan 19, 3000
Comments: He He, This Site Is Realy Funny!

Name: Slurms Mackenzie
Date: Jan 8, 3000
Comments: Whimmy Wham Wham Wozzle! Let's Party!

Name: Winston
Date: Dec 29, 2999
Comments: Kinky, my CPU is going wild ...

Name: Billy-Bob
Date: Nov 23, 2999

Name: Jordan Eisenberg
Date: Oct 8, 2999
Comments: You shameless vandalists! That picture of OZ7-89 is really just MK-M93's body with OZ's processor on it! OZ would never give up her dignity like that.

Name: mtvcdm
Date: Aug 19, 2999
Comments: You need phychiatric help, kid.

Name: Jukka Keskiaho
Date: Jun 22, 2999
Comments: Pretty interesting.

Name: thesimulater
Date: May 29, 2999
Comments: Interesting website ya got here!

Name: Mom
Date: May 28, 2999
Comments: Filthy!

Name: Gary Frazier
Date: May 17, 2999
Comments: Just what the smart young robot needs as additional stimulation when jacking on. Thanks!

Name: Jason
Date: May 5, 2999
Comments: hahaha! This site is hilarious! I'll definately have to put a link on my site for it. Keep up the great work! Check out my new under-construction futurama site at http://zap.to/planetexpress

Name: Graphite
Date: Apr 29, 2999
Comments: I love the site, but I think you have way too much time on your hands. I really can't say much I came to the site so... Great Page :)

Name: Vince Yim
Date: Apr 29, 2999
Comments: I must say...this is the most original site I've seen.

Name: Mark Mintoff
Date: Apr 29, 2999
Comments: Wierd!

Date: Apr 28, 2999
Comments: *OH.MY.GOD* It's ROBOT Pornography!*SPAZ-DROOL*! Do the folks at ASFR know about this? -(alt.sex.fetish.robots)- Yummy stuff! ps: If I'm the 1000th ROBOT to sign, can I have Bender polish & buff me? I'll gladly reciprocate! -(I'm a FemBOT who prefers MaleBOTS, thank you.)-

Name: Bender
Date: Apr 27, 2999
Comments: <Audio Attachment>

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