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Welcome! Miss Ampere's Parlour has been the premiere source of robot porn on the Internet since 1999. Whether you are looking for sexy capacitors, naughty resistors, hot or grounded circuit action, or any other form of robotic sleaze, you have arrived at the correct web site!

We post a gorgeous new centerfold every day! Sex appeal doubles every 18 months!

Sex appeal based on results of industry-standard SEXint and SEXfp tests.

Sex appeal ratings are measured using specific systems and/or components and reflect the approximate sex appeal as measured by those tests. Any difference in system hardware or software design or configuration may affect actual sex appeal.

1 zillabyte (ZB) = 1 zillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment.

Porn is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty of any kind including warranties of accessibility or fitness for any particular interface.

Protected by Galactic Patents 088,47d,9bc,404; 08a,ab2,124,a01; 0ab,410,8fc,a1d; 140,3c1,02a,72a; 140,9e6,ce9,013; 143,da9,1c1,cb2; 2c1,e93,1e4,718; 30e,137,80c,1a6; 3b2,ac9,05e,12e; 405,1e9,99f,109; 49b,b6a,cd2,83c; 4a5,4c0,7c8,ea7; 4b6,881,c14,a6c; 51b,95e,882,cb6; 557,999,aef,646; 65b,094,827,001; 693,298,b2d,116; 7c6,839,793,d92; 86e,8cf,6a1,cca; 9c2,5e3,1cb,13a; a7c,d46,509,3f1; aed,20a,942,061; b61,f01,d6d,cad; b98,605,667,952; c6f,8a2,c7c,257; c78,c57,35e,f3a; de0,1fb,0b2,755; e42,ae3,dd1,39e; e5c,e1a,5ab,033; e80,7a8,23b,c51; f70,22d,fd7,dba; ff0,a17,623,8d6; additional patents pending.

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